Sad News

On the corner outside Sami’s shop, I meet young J with the dreadlocks. We bump fists. Then he tells me OB is dead! He bled to death on the first floor of the Market area. I am still reeling when I meet older man Mr W who hangs out round the market doing odd jobs.… Continue reading Sad News


DOWN THE FISH MARKET There’s no patrol tonight so I go down town in the afternoon to seek out some of the regular rough sleepers. I first meet street vendor Sami, who is wearing a pink bandana round his head as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Day. He has been visiting Ricky in hospital. ‘I’m… Continue reading OUT AND ABOUT

A Quiet Night

I meet up with team leader Pat then Derrick in Subway where we collect the food and drinks. Back in the office Sonia arrives. Everyone wants to discuss todays news about an armed and dangerous man known as ‘Burger’ who is on the run. On Thursday he shot dead his older sister and two young… Continue reading A Quiet Night

A Wet Night

At seven o’ clock there is a massive heavy downpour accompanied by thunder and forked lightning. I drive carefully into town and meet up with Lestroy in Subway. We wait inside for half an hour as the torrential rain makes it hazardous to even cross the road carrying the food and drinks. Eventually the deluge… Continue reading A Wet Night