Week 5

  On Patrol with Logos 9.30 pm While Lestroy goes off to collect the Logos team Derrick and I pack up the sandwiches and fill the backpacks. I find the Visitors book and Observer sheets and hi-vis jackets. Kenny arrives, a distinctly broad chested man, who is the bodybuilding champion and currently the reigning Mr… Continue reading Week 5

Week 3

A homeless man and maybe another sleeps in this car. It is parked next to a burnt out shop called Gingers. Friday Night Out At 9pm Brother Riches arrives to pick me up. Much to my surprise my housemate Annette has decided to join us. She’s had a full day working at school then in… Continue reading Week 3

Week 2

View from my bedroom window last night (19th) before darkness descended and the power was cut off. On Duty We park near the office and go straight across to Subway where Ava and George are already waiting. Subway have prepared a large plastic tray with twenty sandwiches, five cartons of soda, six bottles of water… Continue reading Week 2